Hercules Drinking Game
This game is meant only for fun and games. You don't have to use an alcoholic beverage to play; you just need something that can be either sipped or eaten in small bits and pieces. I highly recommend Lemonade or Skittles. Enjoy!
1 Sip:
--Each -ism*
--Hercules gets into a fight
--Iolaus is in the episode
--A god is a main character
--Hera (or one of her minions) cause trouble
--Iolaus flirts
--Iolaus kisses someone
--Hercules camps or stays at an inn (overnight type thing)
--Someone insults or picks on Iolaus
--Hercules does that "arrow thing"
--Iolaus wears a disguise
--Hercules does or says something really heroic
--A god asks Hercules for a favor
--One of the gods causes problems
2 Sips:
--You see the "Hera eyes"
--Someone's name sounds strange, yet familiar (i.e. Xenophobius)
--Hercules fights a monster
--Salmoneus is in the episode
--Hercules talks to an invisible person (i.e. Timuron, Aphrodite)
--Alcemene appears
3 Sips:
--Someone captures Hercules or Iolaus
--Xena is in the episode
--Hercules talks about Deianera / his kids
--Jason is in the episode
--Autolycus is in the episode
4 Sips:
--Hercules is NOT in the episode
--Iolaus dies
--Deianera appears
--Lucy Lawless appears playing someone OTHER than Xena
--Charon appears
--Hera appears" in the flesh"

* -isms are funny or ironic things that a character says : Iolaus-"Are they getting faster, or am I getting slower?!"