Young Hercules Drinking Game
This game is meant only for fun and games. You don't have to use an alcoholic beverage to play; you just need something that can be either sipped or eaten in small bits and pieces. I highly recommend Lemonade or Skittles. Enjoy!
1 Sip:
--Each -ism*
--Our boys get involved in a fight
--Cheiron is in the episode
--You see the cadets trianing
--Iolaus tucks his hair behind his ear
--Hercules does that hair flip thingy
--Iolaus talks about girls, or the like
--You can detect an Austrailian/New Zealand accent in someone's voice
--Iolaus gets covered in something (i.e. flour, water, ect.)
--Our heroes are at Kora's place
--You notice odd sound effects
--Hercules exhales through his teeth
2 Sips:
--Kora is in the episode
--Jason/Iolaus isn't wearing a shirt
--Lilith is in the episode
--Ares/Discord/Strife cause trouble
--Hercules notices a girl
--Hercules suddenly gets an accent
--Iolaus swats someone with a stick
--Someone does an impression of someone else
--Someone gets knocked down while training
--Strife giggles or uses his powers
3 Sips:
--The amazons make an appearance
--Lilith swats Hercules in the behind
--A god/goddess besides Ares, Discord, or Strife appears in the episode
--Hercules isn't wearing a shirt
--Feducis gets called a name
--Someone gets hurt (but not a bad guy)
--Our heroes encounter someone that older Hercules and Xena will encounter (i.e. The Golden Hind, Nemesis, Bacchus...)
4 Sips:
--One of the boys isn't in the episode
--Someone gets knocked out
--You can see blood or a bruse

* -isms are funny or ironic things that a character says or does