Why Did I Make This Site?
Good Question. I got bored in the summer between my 11th and 12th grade years in high school, and I decided to spend it learning HTML. I made three pages that summer, one for each of my favorite shows (Hercules, Sinbad, and The Sentinel). That was in 1997. My Hercules page is the only one I still update, other than my main site dedicated to the study of the ancient world. I think that it is appropriate that my Hercules page is now part of that main site.
Who All Works on This Site?
Just little ol' me. I do get the occasional addition from kind fans (it is appreciated, bleieve me!), but for the most part this site was done from scratch by me.
Why Don't You Update This Site More Often?
Believe it or not, this site is just a hobby. I just don't have the time or money to spend on it that I did in High School and College. Besides, the shows have been off the air for quite a few years (and I don't get the channels that carry the Young Hercules and Xena reruns). I still love them, but I have new interests now.
Where Do You Get All of Your Graphics?
The pictures I find around the net (mostly from Tom's Xena Page), but almost everything else was created/modified by me using Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photo Editor. I use Note Pad+ to put it all together.
Why Hercules, Xena, and Young Hercules
Well, for starters, I don't think it's easy to talk about one show without the others. So many of the characters cross-over so often, that I believe the shows are 3 sides of the same, um, 3-sided coin.
Do You Know Anyone on the Cast and Crew?
No, unfortunately I don't. I have gotten e-mails from a few of the guest cast members, but I've never met any one related to the show in person. Maybe at one of the conventions...If I ever get to go...
The History of Caroline's Hercules Page:
It started out as 1/3 of a page I had on Geocities (the other thirds were a Sentinel site, and a site about The Adventures of Sinbad). When I out grew my Geocities space I moved (and expanded) my pages to Xoom. My Herc page soon became the largest part of my new site, so I decided to move it to Angelfire in November of 1998. I bought my own domain for my mythology page in July of 2002, and decided to move my Hercules page over as well. Hopefully it will get to stay here for a while!