Let's face it, Cheiron knows everything! The following are little bits of wisdom that Cheiron has shared with our boys.

Young Hercules: The Movie:
"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up."
"A Wheel has many spokes."
"Time makes all men equals."
"Know your comrades. The greater your knowledge, the deeper your trust."
"You can't pick up a pebble with only one finger."
"Respect all warriors--friend or foe."
"Surrender yourself to the oneself."
"Never, never, never quit!"
"If you do things for your own personal agenda you will never succeed."

The Treasure of Zeus:
"The tree that grows in the stoniest ground has the strongest roots."

Girl Trouble:
"Keep your options open." (Iolaus says that Cheiron always says this)

Teacher's Pests:
"Discipline should enlighten as well as punnish."
"Sometimes it's the teacher who learns a lesson."

Keeping Up With The Jasons:
"You must be ready for anything."
"You have to learn to see with your other senses."
"A Dacuuda must learn to trust his or her senses."
"A Dacuuda must be adept at hand to hand combat under any circumstances."
"A warrior's strength comes from within."

Battle Lines Part 1:
"Maintain peace."
"Don't let anger cloud your thinking."
"Appearances can be deceiving."
"Leaders don't have to be cruel to be in charge; the can also be merficul."

Battle Lines Part 2:
"Attack the archer, not the arrow."
"Sometimes emotions cloud reason, and even a teacher forgets the lessons he's taught for so long."
"Being different can be your burden or your strength, it's up to you."

No Way Out:
"There's more to being a warrior than just training; you gotta develop your character."

Ares on Trial:
"A friend is never really lost as long as you stay true to the dreams you shared."

Down and Out in Academy Hills:
"No man is without a past."

"The undead can only be defeated by their own. Such weapons are not easy to come by."

In Your Dreams:
"You must embrace your greatest fear."
"It can't hurt you...it's only a dream."
"None of us is without our dark sides."

The Head That Wears the Crown:
"A battle avoided is a battle won."

Me, Myself, and Eye:
"Great artists learn to see without using their eyes."

Iolaus Goes Stag:
"All you see is not all there is."

Parents' Day:
"He who admitts his mistakes becomes a wiser man."

Under Siege:
"A warrior should know the herbs that heal as well as he knows his weapons."

The Academy:
"The more you keep something inside, the more it eats away at you."