About This Page

This page was created in the Fall of 1997 for the '97/'98 Senior Humanities classes at Poudre High School. I've been getting some pretty positive feedback about his page, so I decided to keep it up for later classes and other online humanities enthusiasts.

I'd love to keep it updated with what the current Humanities is up to, so if you're in that class, please feel free to send me some humerous quotes, schedules, papers, experiences, etc. that you'd like to share with future classes. I also love just getting feedback. To keep this page fresh I need to know what you'd like to see me put up. You can e-mail me at: musesrealm@yahoo.com.
I won't even pretend that I have everything up here that you need. I'm not even going to claim that I have most of what you need up here. This page will be under construction for the rest of history in all probablity. I made this page to help you along. If you want to contribute something, I'd love to hear about it!
I'll also try to answer any questions you might have, but I won't give you the answers to everything. I can't, because so much of the class is based on what you you see and experience for yourself. You all also have a different teacher than I had, since Miss Lane has retired from teaching.

I think the most important thing I can tell you is: DON'T GIVE UP!!!. The second semester is easier than the first, so don't quit unless you really need to. Stick with it and you can make it. I made it through, and if I can do it, anyone can do it. It's not for everyone, so examine your motives for taking the class. The old saying still holds true: "What you put in is what you get out." One last little side note: Senior Humanities is harder than any class I'd taken in college.

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