Traditional Christmas Ornaments

An Animal: Represents peace with nature. It will bring tranquility and acceptance to the home.
A Basket of Fruit: Represents abundance.
A Basket of Flowers: Represents beauty.
A Bird: Represents pride and faith in one's home, and the purpose of home as a haven from the stresses of life.
A Church: Represents God in the home. It will bring God's blessings and protection to everyone who resides in the house.
A Fish: Represents fertility and Jesus. It will welcome Jesus and children into the home.
A Heart: Represents love.
A House: Represents shelter and family.
A Pinecone: Represents eternity.
A Rose: Represents the Virgin Mary and motherhood.
Santa Claus: Represents the spirit of giving and friendship.
A Teapot: Represents hospitality.

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