Baroque Epoch Quotes


  • Lavish exhibitions were a characteristic of Italian Baroque.
  • No one who enters a Baroque church can understand the elements of its structure because the whole things seems to rock and roll..
  • Baroque sculptors and decorators applied every conceivable type of ornamentation.
  • The energy of life pervades all [Ruben’s] forms, which spiral diagonally through space even beyond the limits of the frame. This dynamic movement is typically Baroque.
  • The Baroque in literature, as in art and music, was complex, expressive, and forceful.

    Age and Its Art

  • Dynamic, Dramatic, Splendid, Sensuous, Turbulent, and Tempestuous.
  • The men of the 16th century saw their world in violent motion.
  • [The Art] appealed to the emotions.
  • ...the sweeping diagonal lines add and air ox excitement.

    Audio-Visual History of Music

  • The adjective ‘Baroque’ meant over decorated, over colorful, distorted, and lacking balance and restraint.
  • The form of entertainment [the opera] was above all showy.
  • [The French] set about devising their own kind of opera.

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