Greek Epoch Quotes


  • (On the perfecting of sculptures) "All these things are the result of close observation of nature."
  • "Gravity and grace combine in a perfection of harmony..."
  • "Spartans cultivated discipline in order... Athenians cultivated intelligence in order."
  • "The Greeks believed in a sound mind in a sound body."
  • "They were done by will, not fate; and sorrows hurt the most when we ourselves appear to choose them." (From Oedipus Rex)
  • "I know not how I could give you good advice, for you would be better dead than living blind."
  • "For even is night leaves any ill undone it is brought to pass and come to be in the day."
  • "We are lovers of the beautiful, yet we have simple tastes." (From Perikles in Praise of Athens)
  • "...if we gain our courage through force of habit rather than by force of law, so we not gain much?"
  • "Spartans compel their youths to live lives of hardship and labor to make them brave, we live an easy life. Yet, we are equally ready to face the perils of battle as they are."
  • "We have not forgotten that we must provide for our spiritual needs and for out relaxation from toll."

    The Age and It's Art

  • "Arete was reflected in the Greek's idea of perfection in the Human body."
  • "Greek man was also sensitive to the natural rhythms of life."
  • "The arts of the Greeks are the record of their history."

    Mircea Elaide (Myth and Reality)

  • "Myth narrates a sacred history."
  • Delphi: "Know thyself" and "Nothing in excess"
  • Thales: "All things are made of Gods."
  • Hericlitus: "Truth is in conflict"

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