Medieval Epoch Quotes


  • "Courtly love, or courtesie, was a product of the provincial troubadours."
  • "The idea behind courtesie is the power of love to call forth all knightly and courtly excellence."
  • "Her duty to her husband, therefore, resulted from necessity, not free choice."
  • "The worship of the Virgin was a sort of sublimation of courtly love, and when you read Dante's Divine Comedy you will see the complete spiritualization of such love."
  • "The Church was not only indestructible; it was omnipresent in the lives of the people. All the arts were in the service of the Church."
  • "This life was only a stepping stone to eternity."
  • "They worked for God and not for personal glory."
  • "The barbarian and classical art forms were gradually united until they found a home in the glories of Romanesque art."
  • "Practically all the intellectual and artistic activity throughout the medieval period was associated with the monastery."
  • "There can be no conflict between philosophy and theology because both are from God."
  • "Mathematics was analogous to the laws of the universe controlled by Divine Reason."
  • "The words might even be secular." --I can't remember what this is refering to, so you'll have to look it up!
  • "These verses celebrate the ideal of courtly love."
  • "Love songs...were inspired by the imagination to entertain a courtly society and win recognition."

    The Age and its Art

  • "Medieval man did not seem to be proud of his body."
  • "The body became mearly a prison of the soul."
  • "The Christians rejected the human body as pagan and this-worldly."
  • "The monks took the tripple oath of Chastity, Poverty, and Obdience."
  • "Within the rich and mysterious light of his cathedrals he aspired upward to eternal grace and salvation."

    Audio Visual History of Music

  • "Gregorian Chant has had a religious function from the Middle Ages to our own time."
  • "As time went on, polyphony became more complex."
  • "sometimes a mixture of love songs and religious songs in the vernacular Latin at the same time."
  • "Instruments were probably used in the perfomances of miracle and mystery plays, dramas which depicted important events in the lives of Jesus and the saints."
  • " became more and more technically complex, especially in its rhythms."

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