Pre-Modern Epoch Quotes


  • The arts arrive out of the thoughts of man.
  • The world moves ever more rapidly.
  • Styles emerge, mature, disintegrate, and merge into something else.
  • The expressionists replaced a rational conception of nature or life with one based on nonrational and emotional concepts.
  • Expressionism is characterized by the free distortion of form and color through which the painter gives visual form to inner sensation or emotions.
  • sound construction must precedence over the aesthetic.

    Age and Its Art

  • advances in engineering and technology were making material progress a reality.
  • decoration and ornament were neglected.
  • many artists...painted life as they actually observed it.
  • Darwin's law described a ruthless survival of the fittest.
  • Backgrounds became sketches, seemingly incomplete.
  • the artist's real subject was change itself. (Monet)
  • they sought to capture the personal and subjective reality of their feelings and emotions.
  • The artist's job was to search for intangible realities.
  • Cezanne implied motion and the passage of time by giving each object...its own perspective.
  • Van Gogh painted suppressed and seething unconscious forces overlaid by a thing veneer of civilization.
  • it was a tangled web of conflicting views of reality.

    Audio-Visual History of Music

  • Impressionism was...devoted to projecting the impression a subject made father than to reproducing detail withe literal exactitude.
  • The melody is rythmicly vague, and it is not metrically organized.
  • Stravinsky's interest in the music of the past has had a tremendous influence on his work.

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