Renaissance Epoch Quotes


  • "(The Renaissance) was primarily a gradual shift in attitude, interest, and concern about the next world to an awakened interest in and concern for theis world."
  • "The new aristocracy of wealth sought an identification with the ancient Roman world."
  • "Their intent was not to impress their rivals, but to become, each one, a universal man."
  • "His object was to train the mind and body according to the P;atonic doctrine, with Christianity inclucated to train the heart."
  • "...such education was not to be restricted to any one class."
  • "Italy took the lead (in art) and held it for the next two hundred years."
  • "His (Donatello's) figures are utterly natural and yet idealized, poised and yet full of vigor. All trace of rigidity is gone."
  • "Brunelleschi presented a design, but not his plans for construction, because he said someone else might utilize his ideas."
  • "Alberti was a real universal man, proficient in everything."
  • "Its ideas provided norms for the classical revival."
  • "The Italians were so innately musical that they mastered polyphonic complexities."
  • "He was a true Epicurian, believing that man's end was to enjoy life."

    Renaissance: Age And Its Art:

  • "The Renaissance artist wanted to be more than an anonymous craftsman in the service od God."
  • "(Renaissance man) was proud genious who sought fame and recognition."
  • "Man pursued the good things of this life."
  • "A popular subject for Renaissance artists was the yong David, popular because he represented the youthful vitality of the Reaissance."
  • "Michelangelo's David represents Renaissance man's high regard for human dignity and worth."
  • "The world of nature held a new-found fascination for the men of the Renaissance."
  • "Humanism...ment a renued interest in man."
  • "The most concrete expression of an interest in man is the Renaissance artist's rediscovery of anatomy."
  • "...the nude body had become a prime vehicle for artistic expression."
  • "The wxplorer conquered space as he sailed to unknown shores."
  • "Both the art and the sculpture of pagan antiquity provided the models--enevthough they were converted into Christian subject matter."

    Audio-Visual History of Music:

  • "Galileo insisted that the observations of Copernicus proved that the earth went around the sun, rather than vice versa."
  • "Artists and sculpters made human and realistic the great figures of classical literature and the Bible."
  • "English composers developed their own style of madrigal, much lighter than that of the Italians."
  • "Inspired by their research into Greek tragedy...they devised a declamatory style of solo singing, meant to follow the...emotions of the text."

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