Quotations From Class

This page does not have quotes for the epochs, although I'm sure you could use them on it (as if!). So far, all of the quotes are from '97/'98, but I hope that changes... Here they are:

Miss Brown's Best (?) Quotations

To better equip students with an appreciation for Shakespeare, a list of quotations have been provided from Miss Brown's lectures and discussions [about Shakespeare's King Lear]. These are not, by any means, to be used in the Epoch Paper. Anyone who does so will be carbonadoed.

"Lilly-livered whore-son. I love it!"
"There are also stocks for the head and neck, which I personally like."
"We're all groundlings, right?"
"It's not like he [Gloucester] can fax 'em."
"Hey, look, Edmund's a little whacked-off right now."
"Gotta love Shakespeare; he insults really well!"
"Can anyone tell me WHY Edgar draws his sword? I just don't get it."
And the gem from 1/2 period: "It [King Lear] is a play about stupid men!" (not said by Miss Brown, but she finds it amusing.)

A Humanities student (as we are walking outside for the fire drill)--"I feel like a sheep."
Miss Lane--"If you leave out all of the unimportant words, the important ones are left."
Miss Lane--"I used to like doing Paradise Lost because I love to read Satan's part."

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