History Books

Adkins, Lesley & Roy. An Introduction to the Romans. Chartwell Books, Inc.: Edison, NJ, 2002.
Adkins, Lesley & Roy A. Dictionary of Roman Religion
Adkins, Lesley & Roy A. Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome
Atchity, Kenneth J. (editor). The Classical Roman Reader
Bernstein, Frances. Classical Living: Reconnecting with the Rituals of Ancient Rome
Carcopino, Jerome. Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Christ, Karl. The Romans
Connolly, Peter and Hazel Dodge. The Ancient City: Life in Classical Athens & Rome
Dupont, Florence. Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Grant, Michael. A Guide to the Ancient World: A Dictionary of Classical Place Names
Grant, Michael. The Roman Emperors: A Biograpical Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rome 31 B.C. - A.D. 476
Grimal, Pierre. The Dictionary of Classical Mythology (Complete)
Harris, Nathaniel. History of Ancient Rome
Le Glay, Marcel, and Jean-Louis Voisin, and Yann Le Bohec. A History of Rome
Nappo, Salvatore. Pompeii: A Guide to the Ancient City
Nelson, Eric, Ph.D. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ancient Rome
Potter, T.W. Roman Italy
Roerts, Timothy R. Ancient Rome: Chronicles of the Roman World
Salisbury, Joyce E. Perpetua's Passion: The Death and Memory of a Young Roman Woman
Santon, Kate and Liz McKay (editors). Atlas of World History
Time-Life Books. What Life Was Like When Rome Ruled the World
Zimmerman, J.E. Dictionary of Classical Mythology

Hope, Thomas. Costumes of the Greeks and Romans
Lattimore, Richmond. Greek Lyrics
Trypanis, Constantine A., ed. The Penguin Book of Greek Verse
Bennett, James and Vivianne Crowley. Magic & Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Brewer, Douglas J. and Emily Teeter. Egypt and the Egyptians
Brier, Bob. Ancient Egyptian Magic: Spells, Incantations, Potions, Stories, and Rituals
Fletcher, Joann. Ancient Egypt: Life, Myth, and Art
Hobson, Christine. The World of the Pharaohs: A Complete Guide to Ancient Egypt
Ozaniec, Naomi. The Elements of Egyptian Wisdom
Scott, Joseph and Lenore Scott. Egyptian Hieroglyphics for Everyone: An Introduction to the Writing of Ancient Egypt

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