Mythology Books

Classical Mythology
D'aulaire, Edgar Parin, and D'aulaire, Ingrid. Book of Greek Myths
Grimal, Pierre. The Dictionary of Classical Mythology
Rose, H. J.. A Handbook of Greek Mythology
Zimmerman, J.E. Dictionary of Classical Mythology
Egyptian Mythology
Budge, E.A. Wallis. Legends of the Egyptian Gods: Hieroglyphic Texts and Translations
Gahlin, Lucia. The Myths and Mythology of Ancient Egypt: A Comprehensive Guide to the Mysteries of Creation, Life and Death
Green, Roger Lancelyn. Tales of Ancient Egypt
Mercantante, Anthony S. Who's Who in Egyptian Mythology
Seton-Williams, M.V. Egyptian Legends and Stories
General Mythology
Cotterell, Arthur. The MacMillan Illustrated Encyclopedia of Myths & Legends
Turner, Patricia, and Charles Russell Coulter. Dictionary of Ancient Deities
Wilkinson, Philip. DK Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology

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