Passport Instructions
On the first day, explain what passports are, and why we have them. If you have one, bring your passport in to show the class--my kids *loved* seeing mine! Have your students fill out the Information Sheet with their information and picture, and put this as their first item in their passport. If they don't already have a picture, take pictures today.

Each time you start another continent give the students a page with a picture of the continent where they can colour in the countries that they'll "visit" as the arrive in them. Have a series of blank squares off to the side where you can put a stamp to show which countries you've visited and when the visit was.

For each country you "visit", have an information page for your students that includes a colourable flag and map, instruments they may encounter, words they'll need to know, and basic information about the country (climate, population, languages, etc.). Leave a place for students to write down additional information they discover.

Show students where the visited country is on the World Map so they can see where it is in relation to where they live.

At the end of each continent give students a quiz about what they've discovered.

I adapted this passport from the one included in Putumayo's World Playground Activity Kit

Materials Needed:
(1 per child)
  • 1 twin pocket portfolio folder with fasteners
  • Information Sheet
  • Traveler's Picture
  • Family History Sheet (optional)
  • Continent Log
  • Country Information for each country visited
  • Blank Paper
  • Markers, Crayons, Coloured Pencils, etc. for colouring and writing
  • You'll also need a World Map that you can post in your classroom

    Check out the Resources Page for a list of helpful books and websites.