Peter and the Wolf
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  • Discover different instrument sounds/tambours
  • Reinforce the concept of small=high sound, big=low sound
  • Learn about Russian Fairy Tales
  • Develop reading and problem solving skills
  • Discover how what and instrument sounds like can influence how we “see” the character in the story
  • Explore personal feeling and work on how to express them


  • Finger puppet coloring sheets
  • Blank paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Story written out using pictographs
  • Peter and the Wolf Recording
  • Peter and the Wolf Movie
  • Instrument identification cards

    1. Day 1:
    a. Talk about each of the instruments used

    i. Why did the composer use this instrument to represent this animal?
    ii. Play the listening lesson (Pausing after each instrument to talk about it)
    iii. Hold up the instrument cards
    1. Show the kids how to "hold" each instrument
    2. Share a little bit about each instrument / tell about the instrument family
    b. Review the instruments used
    i. Hold up the cards and ask which instrument is which
    ii. Ask which character is represented by the instrument

    2. Day 2:
    a. Listen to Peter and the Wolf

    i. Students Should not talk except to whisper to their neighbor to ask for a crayon
    b. Color Finger Puppets (while listening to the story)
    i. Students who finish early should color a forest for their finger puppets to play in.
    c. Write on the back of the paper (when finished coloring) which instrument and character is your favorite and why, and how each song/instrument makes you feel about the characters
    i. Students should use the correct instrument with the correct character

    3. Day 3:
    a. Talk about Prokofiev

    i. Russian
    ii. Lived from 1891-1953
    b. Talk about the story
    i. A folk tale about a boy in Russia who catches a wolf
    ii. Song-story written in 1936

    4. Day 4:
    a. Listen to Peter and the Wolf
    b. Act out the story with the finger puppets

    5. Day 5:
    a. Watch Peter and the Wolf

    i. Talk about the different instruments and characters in the story
    ii. Ask how each character’s theme sounds, and how it reminds them of the character

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