Musical Terms
A tempo Return to original tempo
Accelerando Gradually get faster
Adagio Quite slow
Allargando Slower and slower
Allegretto Quite lively
Allegro Quick, Lively, Bright
Andante Walking tempo
Andantino Quick walking tempo
Animato Animated, Spirited
Bewegt Animated
Brio Spirit, Vigor
Calando Get softer and slower
Cedez Get softer and slower
Con moto With motion
Grave Slow and Solemnly
L'istesso tempo The same tempo
Largemente Broadly
Larghetto Dignified
Largo Very slow
Lento Slow
Meno mosso "Less motion" --> Slower
Moderato Moderate, Medium
Mosso Quicker
Prestissimo As fast as possible
Presto Very fast
Rallentando Slowing
Ritardando Gradually getting slower
Ritenuto Suddenly slower
Rubato Flexible tempo
Stringendo Get faster
Tempo primo Original tempo
Vivace Quick
Calando Get softer and slower
Cedez Get softer and slower
Crecendo Gradually get louder
Decrescendo Gradually get quieter
Diminuendo Gradually get softer
Forte Loud
Fortissimo Very loud
Forzando Extra emphasis
Mezzo forte Medium loud
Mezzo piano Medium soft
Morendo Dying away
Piano Soft
Pianissimo Very soft
Rinfotzando Sudden accent
Sforzando Sudden emphasis
Affetuoso Affectionate, Tender
Arioso Expressive, Lyric
Assai Very much
Brio Spirit, Vigor
Cantabile Singingly
Comodo Comfortable, easy
Con brio With vigor
Con calore With warmth
Con fuoco With fire
Con moto With motion
Dolce Sweetly
Duramente Harshly
Expressivo Expressive
Fastoso Pompous
Fiero Bold
Frei Freely
Giocoso Humorously
Grandioso Grandly
Grazioso Gracefully
Gusto With Zest
Legato Smoothly
Leggiero Light and graceful
Maestoso Magestic
Marcato Marked
Marziale Militarily
Pesante Heavy, emphatic
Placido Calm
Scherzando Humorous
Simplice Simple
Sostenuto Sustained
Staccato Sharp, spaced
Tenuto Sustained, held
Tranquillo Quiet and calm
Traumerisch Dreamy
Zart Tender, soft
Al fine To the end
Cadenza Extended section
Coda "Tail" --> The end of a section
Da capo (D.C.) From the beginning
Dal segno From the sign
Fermata Pause, Hold
Fine The end
Poco a poco Little by little
Solo Alone
Tutti All
Arco Play with the bow
Attaca Attack
Bassa Lower
Con Sordino Play with a mute
Dampfer Mute
Glissando Slide
Ossia Alternate passage
Ottava Octave
Pizzicato Pluck the string
Senza sordino Without a mute
Sordino Mute
Tacet Silent
L'istesso The Same
Ma But
Meno Less
Molto Much, very
Moto Motion
Non troppo Not too much
Piu More
Poco A little
Quasi Almost
Sempre Always, still
Senza Without
Simile The same
Subito Suddenly
Troppa Too much
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