Mythological Groups

The Teutons and Norsemen had a mythology filled with many mythological creatures and groups of beings. This list includes the most common mythological groups minus the animals.

The Aesir are the primary "race" of gods, and they lived in Asgard. In antiquity they were enemies of the Vanir, but after a time they put away their differences and became friends. Aesir also refers to the male gods; their female counterparts were known as the Asynjor. Alternate spellings/words for the Aesir include Aesar, Aisar, and A'sas.

Asynjor is the group name of the female Aesir. Alternate names/spellings for the Asynjor include Asynja (singular), Asyngur, and Asynje.

These were deified mortal warriors who became enraged and out of control during battle. It was thought that while in their enraged state they were immune to all forms of weaponry, but in their normal state they were extremely weak and helpless. They fought for Odin and commonly wore animal skins. They were seen as being so ugly that many mistook them for trolls. The Berserkir were also known as Berserkers, Berserks, Berserksgangr, and Bear Shirts.

The Dwarves of Norse mythology are portrayed as short, squat, and very artistic, much like the Dwarves in J.R.R. Tolkien's books. They were ruled by the Vanir Freyr. The Dwarves lived in both Nidavellir and in Svartalfheim with the Dark Elves. They were also known as the Dvergar.

The Elves of Norse mythology are frequently confused with the Dwarves. There are two main groups of Elves: the Lios Alfar (Light Elves) and the Svart Alfar (Dark Elves). The Light Elves lived in Alfheim, and the Dark Elves in Svartalfheim with the Dwarves. The Light Elves were ruled over by Freyr like the dwarves, which may be just a confusion on the part of ancient writers. The Dark Elves were ruled by Weyland. They lived underground, and would be turned to stone if they ventured to the surface during the day.

The Giants of Norse mythology were seen as beings resembling men, only much, much bigger. Some stories portray them as being the oldest of the intelligent races. The giants lived in the icy lands known as Jotunheim.

The Norns were the mysterious goddess of destiny. They were in charge of taking care of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. There were generally said to be three of them, Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi, though names of other Norns are also listed by some. The Norns controlled the fate of both mortals and gods, and their will was absolute.

These horse-riding warrior women decided the fate of men who went into battle, choosing who would live and who would die and enter Valhalla They were also the servers of the gods and warriors in Valhalla, The Valkyries are also known as the Alaisiagae, Valkyria, Valkyrs, Walkures, and Walkyries.

Deities that controlled the wind and the seas. They are also called the Vanas.

The Vanir were the originally enemies of the Aesir, but after a time they became allies. They lived in Vanaheim. The Vanir are also called the Vanagods or the Vaner.

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