Blind Convictions
By Lexy (aka ConorGirl)

Okay, this is my first attempt at a Fanfic, so here goes. Thanx for the support,


Attempt at disclaimer: I do not own the characters that are in this story,they unfortunately belong to Roar and Universal. I only own the few that I made up in my brain. I did also use the character Madhia from another story, because she fit in the story.ting to give way beneath her fingertips. So, as a last resort, she wrestled her way over the top of the cliff to safety.

Part 1

Conor looked out over the assembled people of his Sanctuary. This morning they were practicing in the field so as to be ready for any enemy attack. He smiled as he remember all the times he had spent with his father out hunting for their dinner; how like these were to hunting for food. Conor then turned his head to look on Catlin in the archery stall.

"Another bulls eye, Catlin? You're gettin' too good!"

Catlin grinned at him devilishly, keeping her face turned to him while she hit the mark a second time. Conor laughed with a happiness he hadn't felt in a long while.

*I wonder why I feel so good, so contented,* he thought to himself. Just then, he heard a loud rustling of branches. A woman he had never glimpsed before, fell to the ground in large heap.

"Fergus! Tully! Catlin! Help me!" Conor rushed to her side, his face a plethora of unknown emotions. *Where have I seen this before?* Catlin reached his side first.

"What happened, Conor?"

"I don't know. She just fell into view, from the forest. We must get her to Madhia, the Healer."

Fergus and Tully finally arrived, and together with all of the villagers watching, they carried the unconscious woman to Conor's tent to be tended.

Diana gritted her teeth, while listening to a guard tell her of his insubordination.

"We looked everywhere, my Queen. The woman was nowhere to be found."

Diana glare at him, " If you had looked everywhere, then she would be in my dungeon under interrogation. You and you're subordinates failed me. Do not do so again." She shooed him away.

She turned in her seat to face her lover who was facing away from her.

"Longinus, do you think she would have taken refuge in one of the Celtic strongholds?"

Longinus turned around to face her.

"Diana, I know it. We have to find her. The future of Rome depends on it."

Conor placed the unconscious woman on top of his sheep-skin covered bed. Her face and body were a mass of cuts and bruises.

Conor asked in dismay, "Madhia, will she be all right?" He gestured to the sleeping maid.

"She'll be all right, child." The old woman turned to the assembled friends. "But, I need to tend to her wounds, so I need you all to leave."

"But," Conor pleaded.

Madhia glared at him, giving a finality to the conversation.

Conor stepped out of his tent, not understanding why the sudden occurrence was troubling him so incredibly.

Catlin seemed to read his mind. "You're thinking about Claire again, aren't you." It wasn't a question.

He nodded his head meekly. Conor looked at the ground, searching for an explanation.

"She looks just like her."

"Yes," answered Catlin matter-of-factly. Her tone seemed cold, distant. She too was thinking of Claire. But she was feeling a sudden urge to scream out loud at Conor, for he had still not totally accepted Claire's death. Catlin was beginning to worry about him. She wanted him to start the healing process. And above all else, Catlin wanted him, Conor, the man she secretly desired in her heart of hearts. But she just wasn't ready to admit that fact to his face just yet.

Mahdia stepped out of the tent. "You may go see her now. She's resting comfortably."

Fergus and Tully excused themselves, for they had to attend to other matters. Only Catlin and Conor entered the tent.

They both had nothing else to do that night, so they sat down and waited for the unknown woman to wake up.

They had little conversation the rest of the night.

Longinus sat atop the windowsill gazing at Diana, sleeping peacefully. *She is so contented. What if things had been different? What if that boy had given me lasting peace by killing me with the spear? She would have probably died by now. Killed by a barbarian's sword. Interesting thought*

Diana stirred. "Oh.....Longinus. How long have you been watching me?"

"Long enough, my Queen." He got down from the sill, leaned over her bed, and kissed her.

The night had been hard. Conor slowly stood up, careful not to wake Catlin or the woman sleeping on his bed. He had chosen to spend the night in his tent watching over the woman who now, still, occupied his bed space. Conor had found the ground next to his bunk truly hard. He inadvertently yawned, and by doing so found a crick in his neck. Conor grimaced. He placed his hand on his sore neck.

"Oh......hhsssss. Ouch." He said the latter a little too loudly.

Catlin turned over onto her back. She looked up at him from her place on the floor.

"Crick in your neck?" She gradually got into a sitting position.


"Here. Come sit down next to me, and let me rub your shoulders." Catlin patted the ground in front of her, indicating she wanted him to sit there.

Conor smiled. He nodded an affirmative. Conor sat down Indian style with his back to Catlin. She got up on to her knees, and placed her hand on his shoulders.

"Oh.....right there," he said as she worked away at the sore spot on his neck. Catlin felt Conor's muscles relax, at the same time, he was sighing in pleasure. Catlin smiled extravagantly.

"Oh." They both quickly turned their heads to see where the foreign voice had come from. As they stood up, they could see that the woman who had been sleeping on Conor's bed, was now starting to wake up.

She put her hands to her eyes, and then took them away again. The woman slowly sat up on her elbows. She blinked her eyes many times and gave a questioning look to the unknown people in the room with her.

"Where am I?"

Conor stepped forward. "You are in a Sanctuary. You're safe here."

Catlin then took a step forward to stand next to Conor. "What is your name?"

She slowly smiled at them. "My name is Linnis."

Catlin turned to Conor, elbowing him in the side. She wanted him to say something. "Oh, name is Conor. And this," he gestured to Cat, "is Catlin."

Linnis had not been looking directly into either of their eyes their entire conversation.

"Uh, if I may ask, can you see us?"

Catlin again elbowed him in the side, but this time harder.

"Conor....," Catlin warned. She turned to him, glared, and shook her head. That told him that that was the wrong thing to ask.

Linnis just smiled, and waved Catlin's protecting words away.

"It's alright, Catlin. I appreciate your concern, both of you. But, yes, I am blind. I have been all my life."

Conor and Catlin both looked at each other in surprise.

"Oh, I'm uh, sorry. I didn't mean....." Conor was clearly uncomfortalble. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

Catlin cut in. "Linnis, would you like to get dressed, and take a walk. I'm sure it would be good for you."

Linnis smiled. *Despite her blindness,* Conor thought, *she has a radiant smile that could take anyone's mind off her one downfall.*

"I would love to." She threw back the skins that covered her legs, and started to stand.

"Oh, no, let me help you," offered Conor. He reached out to take her hand, and helped her to her feet.

Catlin quietly put her hands on her hips, and raised one eyebrow. *Oh, this is interesting,* Catlin thought. But then she realized how foolish she was being. *I don't know what I'm worried about. He's obviously just trying to make her stay as easy as possible,* Then a worried look quickly crossed her face. *I hope.*

Catlin joined Linnis and Conor outside. The day was beautiful. Just the kind of day to go out and have a picnic by the lake. *Oh, I'll ask him later, AFTER he introduces Linnis to everyone.*

Linnis stood by Conor. "What a BEAUTIFUL day!" Linnis closed her eyes, and sighed. "Just beautiful." She smiled.

Conor was astounded. "You can tell the kind of weather there is?"

"Of course," she said, "I may be blind, but I can still smell, and hear."

Conor's face immediately turned bright red. He was glad for the fact that she couldn't see him do that.

"Conor! Conor! Help!!!"

He turned to see a man from the Sanctuary, Daren, carrying his son in his arms. Daren ran over to Conor, and set his son down before him. Both men kneeled. The boy looked lifeless, with a dark blue face, and skin cold to the touch.

"What happened, Daren?"

The man shook his head. "I don't know, Conor. We were standing next to the lake, fishing, and the next thing I know, Coren has fallen in. I couldn't revive him. Where's Mahdia?!!"

Conor looked all around him. The old woman was nowhere in sight. Then he suddenly remembered.

"Mahdia went to the neighboring village to help with wounded."

Conor suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Linnis.

"Conor, let me."

He made a space for her over the fallen boy. She knelt down next to him.

Linnis touched him, and closed her eyes. "He drowned, and is dead."

Daren shook his head, and inaudible "No".

Conor started to stand up, and tell Daren he was sorry for his loss, but Linnis spoke.

"NO! Not yet."

Conor wondered what she ment by this, and knelt down again.

Linnis placed one of her hands on the boy's forehead, and the other on his heart. She clenched her eyes shut in deep concentration. She then bent down, and put her lips on the boys'. Then she blew one single breath into the boy's body. Linnis then resumed her sitting position and waited.

Coren started coughing, spit up water, and gasped for breath. The color started to come back to his cheeks.

Both men looked at her in amazement.

"How did you do that," they both said in unison.

to be continued...