The Flowersuit
By Riverwind

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Part 1

"Where are we? We are lost," Catlin said irritably. She and Conor had been out hunting and had decided to try to find game somewhere else. They had wandered far from the Sanctuary and now had lost track of where they were. Night was falling and it was getting chilly. Catlin wished she had her cloak with her.

Conor looked around trying to spot some familiar landmark and failed miserably. "It looks like we will have to sleep here and try to find our way back in the morning.

Catlin looked at the ground and sighed. She threw her bow and arrow down and lay down beside them. "You keep watch," she said and shut her eyes.

"Me?" Conor spluttered. "Why me?"

"Because you're the one who got us lost. Now shut up and let me try to get some semblance of sleep," Catlin retorted.

Conor shut up.


The voice startled Conor out of sleep. He looked across the clearing and saw that Catlin was still asleep. She didn't call his name.

"Conor," the voice said again.

"What do you want?" Conor whispered.

"You must find the weapon."

"What weapon?" Conor asked confused.

"The weapon that will drive the Romans out of the land forever."

"Where is it?" Conor bolted upright and yelled.

"Shut up Conor!!!!" Catlin shouted back. She rolled over.

"Where is it?" Conor asked a bit more quietly.

"You will find it when the time is right."

And with that the voice left.

Part 2

Conor lay awake and thought about what the voice had said. He also thought about waking Catlin up to tell her the news but he decided he liked his head right where it was. If only they could find the weapon the voice had talked about. They could drive the Romans away forever he thought.

As he lay there contemplating a life without the Romans around, the image of a flower popped into his mind. It was a small flower with soft white petals around a yellow center. He thought it was kind of pretty. Conor fell asleep dreaming of the flower.

When morning came, Conor woke up Catlin. She still wasn't speaking to him. They started to retrace their steps back to the Sanctuary, but as the morning wore on, they were still hopelessly lost. Catlin was seething.

"This is all your fault!" she yelled. "Remind me to go hunting next time with Fergus. He always knows where he's going!"

Conor was starting to lose his temper. If that woman says one more word, I'm going to smack her, he thought. One look at Catlin's face pushed that thought out of his head though. She would really kill him then. Conor sighed and the two of them pushed on.

Afternoon passed by with the two of them still hopelessly lost. They came across the clearing they had slept in many times. Catlin was thirsty and hungry.

"We need to find water," Catlin said tiredly.

"Good luck," Conor replied.

Catlin opened her mouth and then closed it again. Conor was so infuriating sometimes. Why did she have to be lost in the forest with him of all people? She would have rather have been lost with Diana. Then again maybe not, she thought. But still, why did Conor have to get them lost?

"We need to find water," Catlin said again.

"Find it yourself," Conor retorted. He soon found himself face down on the ground with Catlin's foot planted firmly on the small of his back.

"What did you say?" Catlin asked. Her voice was deadly.

"I said to find it yourself." Conor soon found himself eating dirt again.

"Oh. That's what I thought you said."

The foot planted on his back suddenly lifted and Conor heard her footsteps as she ran away. Anger washed over him. She couldn't treat him this way and get away with it. Conor got up and ran lightly in the direction Catlin had taken. He soon saw her ahead of him running swiftly through the trees. With a cry he launched himself at her, knocking her down.

"What the hell are you doing?" Catlin gasped.

"Payback," Conor replied.

Part 3

Catlin's face was smashed into the dirt and Conor's wait on her back was pushing her down. She was trying to decide whether or not she liked it.

Catlin twisted her body around, knocking Conor off. She lay on her back trying to catch her breath. She was about to get up, when Conor sat on her.

"What the hell are you doing?" Catlin asked outraged.

"This," Conor said leaning forward to kiss her.

Catlin turned her head to the side avoiding Conor's lips. She pushed against his chest shoving with all her might. Catlin got to her feet quickly. She extended her hand to Conor and pulled him to his feet.

"Your breath stinks Conor," was all she said before walking off leaving Conor breathing on his hand before sniffing it.

Longinus stared out the window. Behind him on the bed Diana lounged. He was really sick of her.

"There is a weapon out there that could destroy all I have worked for. I must find it and destroy it," Longinus said.

"What did you say?" Diana asked.

"I said I must destroy this new weapon," Longinus said again.

"What new weapon?" Diana asked. There was a confused look on her pretty face.

"Haven't you been listening to me?" Longinus asked angrily.

"Was I supposed to?" Diana asked. Longinus stormed over to the bed, and grabbed Diana by her shoulders. His grip was like iron. Diana looked into his face with the beginnings of fear in her eyes.

"Now that the Spear is gone, I don't care about dying. I only want power. There is a talisman on this island that can give me what I want. It is a flower of some kind. Once I have it, I will be invincible!"

Longinus loosened his grip on her shoulders and continued talking to himself. He was still laughing insanely as Diana quietly left the chamber.

Part 4

"Where have you two been?" Fergus asked as he caught sight of Conor and Catlin.

Catlin pushed past him and stormed into the Sanctuary.

Fergus stared after her a look of surprise on his face. He turned to look at Conor with an even bigger question in his eyes.

Conor looked down at the ground and started scuffing the toe of his boot in the dart. "I uh sort of got us lost. Catlin let me know about it." He decided to leave the aborted kiss out. He didn't want to embarrass Catlin. Conor quickly walked past Fergus into the Sanctuary. So of course he missed Fergus's grin.

Tully didn't.

"What are you grinning about?" Tully asked. Actually he asked this, "?" but that's what he meant.

"That boy has it bad. Now I just want to know what he is going to do about it," Fergus said his wicked grin becoming wider with every word he spoke.

Conor caught up with Catlin as she stopped by the waterfall.

"What do you want?" she asked sighing.

Conor took a deep breath. "About that kiss--"

Catlin cut him off. "Let's just forget it. It never happened. I'm sorry I snapped at you but next time get directons. I like to know where I'm going." She walked off leaving Conor spluttering.

"Must find flower. Must find flower."

Longinus was muttering as Diana stepped slowly back into the chamber. She had left her favorite wine goblet behind and now she was dying for a drink. She edged around the corner trying to stay out of Longinus's view. She was just reaching across the bed for her goblet when Longinus turned around.

"Did you bring me a flower Diana?" Longinus asked.

Diana stared at him in confusion. It took a moment for it to register in her rather shallow brain that Longinus was very very drunk.

"No," she said walking towards him with her goblet in her hand.

"Don't come in here unless you are going to bring me a flower." Longinus's speech was slurred but Diana had known him long enough that she was able to decipher his sentence.

Diana put her hand on his arm and led him towards the bed. She gently sat him down.

"Lay down Longinus. You need to sleep it off."

"Need a flower," Longinus said as his eyes slowly closed.

Part 5

"She loves me. She loves me not." Conor sat on the ground next to the waterfall and played the ages old childhood game.

"What are you doing lad?"

Conor looked at up at the sound of Fergus's voice. He quickly hid the flower behind his back. He wasn't quick enough.

"Nice flower lad. Do you always tear the petals off one at a time and mumble at the same time?" Fergus asked in a teasing voice.

Conor's face turned red and he quickly got up and walked away.

"You are right Fergus. Conor does have it bad," Tully said. He had just witnessed the last exchange. Actually what he said was, " " but that's what he meant.

"Hmmm. I wonder how the lass in question feels?" Fergus said thinking out loud.

Catlin walked along the path scuffing her boots in the dirt. She had snuck out of the Sanctuary early that morning to be by herself. Lately every time she turned around, Conor was there. She was trying to decide whether or not it annoyed her or delighted her.

"At least if he's thinking about me, he's done moping about Claire. That will make Fergus happy," she said trying to justify her last statement to herself. Of course she didn't convince herself. Catlin resigned herself to the fact. She did indeed love Conor. Even if she was still a little mad at him for getting them lost.

Longinus was dreaming.

Diana figured it had to be a woman since Longinus was smiling in his sleep. She just hoped it was her and not somebody else.

In actuality Longinus was dreaming about a flower. In his dream, Longinus held a flower in one hand and a wine goblet in the other.

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways," he said speaking to the flower. "One reason is once I find you, and destroy you, I will rule the world!

Diana sat upright at the low sound of Longinus's laughter. She couldn't figure out why he was laughing in the middle of his sleep. She was even more confused when he suddenly bolted upright.

"Longinus darling, what's wrong?" she asked.

"What a wonderful dream," he said.

Diana preened. She still thought it was about her.