A Gift of Flowers
By Janelle Sachse

As I look at the flowers that hung above my bed, I remember...

The flowers were given to me a two years and a half ago by Conor. We were warriors, each 19, and fighting for Eire's freedom against a snake like Roman "Queen" named Diana. It was after a particulary emotional conflict wherein my Christian faith was discovered. But that didn't matter to Conor, my best friend who saved me from slavery two months prior.Along with him (our leader), myself, Fergus and Tully, comanded a large army of "rebels", and lived in a beautiful "Sanctuary" underground.

That day, from the day I met him, I knew I was in love with Conor. I thought he did not care for me that way, since I was an abused slave girl and he had just lost his Roman lover to the cold and unkind hands of death.

But when he gave me those flowers, the wall between us crumbled.With tears in our eyes, we blurted out our feelings for eachother.

Three months later, we were married, and moved into a larger room in the Sanctuary; near the waterfall. I hung those flowers above our freshly carved marraige bed, a gift from Fergus and Tully. It was in that bed that...

Well, any how, the room also has a small annex, and now Conor comes out of it, a one year old girl perched on his shoulders. She has strawberry blonde curls and my blue eyes; and laughs

"Dada!" as she pulls on Conor's blonde locks. Chuckling, he hands her over to me, then puts his arms around me and tells me he loves me, which I have never doubted (smile).

"Mama, look! Uncle Fergy, Uncle Tully!" Claire climbs of my lap and totters towards the two men. As I lay my head on my husband's shoulder and watch our daughter with our close friends, I know with all my heart that I love this little family more than life itself.