Honor, Strength, Courage; Connor
By Karen

The depth can be seen
Shining in Heath's dark eyes;
That he brings from himself
To make the great Conor.

When being accused,
And faced by the unjust,
For such a grand display,
The lad is clearly full of honor.

This character comes to life
And jumps of the screen
From just one force;
The strength Heath brings.

Loyal to the ones that follow,
Just as loyalty is received;
And so completely we believe, ,
One that makes such courage ring.

We have put trust,
In one we do not know;
But, we will follow even when,
The future is unclear.

We long as we watch,
And hope against hope,
To find one such as Conor,
For he has become so dear.

We watch and are held
Captive by our emotions;
Through Conor's struggle,
Pain and sorrow.

It is amazing how Conor
Makes it from week to week.
For us, it is the hope,
That Monday is tomorrow.