A Simple Wish
By Karen

His dark eyes across the fire,
Catch your fading glance.
He rises and comes towards you,
Your heart leaps as if to dance.

His hand, with it's ring a glow,
Takes one of yours gently.
Lifting you to meet him,
Your stand shaky and slow.

You bring your chin up,
to come level with his eyes.
You see the passion welling
Forcing past a thin disguise.

Together in urgency, you start to pull away;
From somewhere deep inside you,
A question raises up.
Never again this offer should you decide to stay.

Your wants and needs forsake you,
Sense and sensibility receive dismiss.
His breath and nearness a reminder,
As your lips meet in an idyllic kiss.

Unsure of where your going
Your feet follow in his steps.
He's led you to a hillside.
A gentle breeze is blowing.

He lays you on a mat of grass
And holds you in his arms.
Into his eyes you gaze,
Again falling for his charms.

You sigh and close your eyes,
Wait, it feels as if he's left you.
Your eyes open to a strange place
Wait, there is a sound you recognize.

This is your bedroom
You're now awake.
But, you must protest,
There has been a big mistake.

You were with the one you love.
On a hillside in the dark.
That is where you want to be.
This your prayer to up above.

Please send you back
To that young man
It was your wish as
The biggest fan.