Story Ideas

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  • Our heroes are out hunting. Something happens to them. What happens, and how do they react?
  • Fergus falls in love
  • Someone has a secret that may change things forever.
  • The adventures of Tully
  • Someone loses their memory. Why did it happen? How does everyone react?
  • Caitlin is betryayed by a former lover
  • A Roman soldier joins our heroes' cause
  • Caitlin encounters a member of her family
  • Fergus encounters someone from his past
  • Our heroes go into Roman territory and get seperated. Why are they there? How do they cope?
  • Conor turns against the Roar and works for the Romans
  • A crossover story with another series (Highlander, Hercules, Xena, Sinbad, etc.)
  • A Mary Sue story (you insert yourself, or a character modeled around you, into the ROAR universe) Conor Gets Captured And Turns Evil