This archive is for fiction that takes place in the ROAR universe. It does NOT have to use the main characters of the show.

Don't forget to put disclaimers on your stories. Although not completely necessary, they let FOX/Sci-Fi know that you don't claim own ROAR or anything associated with it. A little message like this: I don't own ROAR and the characters in it, I'm just having fun with them. I'm not making any money doing this, so you don't have to sue me. is all you really need to put. Ratings are also a nice thing, but, again, are not necessary.

Submiting Stories and Poems:

  1. E-mail your fic to me in the MAIN BODY of your message. My computer really likes to garble up attachments. If you must send it to me as an attachment, make sure that it is saved with as a text file (title.txt). I can almost guarantee you that if it isn't I won't get the first half of it.
  2. Send a brief summary along with your story (I am in the process of adding these). It isn't really necessary for a poem, but you can send one if you like.
  3. If your story is adult-rated, let me know so I can post the appropriate warning with your story.
  4. Tell me the e-mail address you would like replies to go to.

Final Notes:

Have an idea for a story but don't want to write? Send it in! Writers do get stuck for ideas once in a while, and sometimes all they need is a basic concept. Also, if you're stuck on a story you can collaborate with other writers. Beta readers can also help you out of a jam, and correct your mistakes to boot. Check out the Resources page for more information on these topics and more.