What Will Be
By Dejah

Do you hear it, son? Do you hear the ROAR!"

The tall warrior stood straight and proud. By his side, a small boy.The man turned and reached down and pulled the boy into his strong arms. They stood at the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean.

"It was a hard fight my boy, and we lost many good friends along the way. But FREEDOM is a fight worth dying for. We will remember our fallen friends in our hearts, Always."

The boy looked at his father with eyes bright and alive. Conor looked at his son, a tear of sadness in his eyes for those now gone.

"We must never forget son."

"We won't father", the boy said, as he reached his arms around the strong neck and hugged his father tightly.

Peace now reigned in the land, but for how long, no one knew. And as the two looked out over the ocean, the waves crashing against the rocks, the small boy whispered,

"I hear it father, I hear the Roar!"

Hand in hand, the two left the wooded area they had walked, and came into the clearing. The boy broke away from his father's grasp on his hand.

"Mother," he shouted," we're home."

And as the man approached her, Catlin smiled. How she did love her warrior!

The Beginning