What Will Be
By Dejah

Diana lead Longinus out of the candlelight, toward her canopied bed. For the moment, she wanted to put their scheming aside. For the moment, she wanted to concentrate on the wine in her belly and the feel of Longinus's hand in hers. The day had been long and she'd been apart from Longinus much too long. She hated drinking alone; she did a good many things perfectly fine on her own, but drinking was not one of them.

A gust of night air blew in, bringing with it the scent of the ocean. Diana drew it into her lungs, savouring it. This Ireland, it was not without its charms. She loved it for reasons different than she loved Rome. This island...she wanted it. One day, she told herself, it would be hers. Longinus would help her see to that. Here, she was a queen; here she was worshipped; here...it would last.

"What do you want of me?" Longinus asked in a weary voice. "My journey was long, I require rest."

Diana's mouth split in a smile, her eyes dancing in the candle light that flooded the chamber. "I require something else," she said, sweeping a section of the gauzy canopy back to reveal the generous bed. She thought of the servants that had carried it here and her smile grew. They, too, had looked at it with longing. Men and women alike. But never would they know the touch of this bed on their bodies.

Diana turned to look at Longinus. In the candlelight, he was a column of gold. Skin and hair were burnished by the fire, making him look like a dangerous weapon, just waiting to be drawn. He did not look centuries old, Diana thought, but the power that was inside his body thrilled her. Did she call it magic? No. Simply...power. At the mere thought, she could feel her nipples harden beneath her gown. Small shivers danced over her skin and she knew the cool air was not to blame.

"Diana, I am exhausted," Longinus said, sinking to the mattress. There were nights when he simply wanted to die. For centuries, he had asked for death. His request had never been granted. He wondered if that was why his power was so easy to misuse. No one had listened to him, so why should he try to reason with anyone or anything else?

Diana's hands fell to the fastening of his cloak. She eased it open and off of his broad shoulders, her raven hair falling forward to brush Longinus's bare arm. He shivered as she moved away, placing the cloak across the room.

"Then I shall ease you into sleep," she murmured as she turned around. "Rub your brow, bring you wine," she added, an inky eyebrow lifting.

Longinus's generous mouth eased into a smile. Gods, she was a balm for his time-weary body. To lose himself in this place and her would be so easy. He could easily count the years he had spent with her, but he preferred not to. Thinking she had always been there was somehow easier.

When she returned to his side, Longinus reached out for her, hands sliding around her hips. His fingers dug in, until he could feel the bones, until she squirmed under his touch.


"Silence!" he barked, easing the pressure. His hands slid up her body, over her breasts. Their weight in his hands pleased him, the rising nipples sent heat spiraling down through his loins. "Have you wine?" he asked.

Irritation flashed through Diana's eyes, but she turned toward the small table in the room, pouring him a goblet of the crimson liquid. When she returned to his side, she handed him the wine silently, watching him drink. He was powerful, but there were times when he reminded her of a horse's ass. When he was exhausted was one of those times. Did he not want to play her games? Diana reached out, loosening the ties that held Longinus's tunic together. She slid her fingers between the fabric and the leather ties, freeing them one by one. She eased one arm out and then the other, letting the tunic lay in a puddle around Longinus's hips. Diana's fingers brushed over his arm and slid into his palm. Longinus smiled, wine finished. He leaned forward and set the goblet on the floor, closing his eyes as Diana placed her mouth against his neck. Her teeth nipped at his skin, her tongue tracing brief circles in between each nip. He could feel himself beginning to harden and decided that he was not as exhausted as he'd earlier thought. He lifted his hand, grasping a handful of Diana's hair. She gasped in surprise, but her hand circled his wrist like an iron band.

"No," she said, quickly jerking him down to the bed. She moved to the head of the bed, withdrawing the previously hidden length of chain there. With a wicked smile tilting her mouth, she closed the cuff around Longinus's wrist, and skirted the bed to do the other side.

"Release me," he growled. Diana smiled. They both knew he could escape the bonds if he truly wanted to. They both knew he wouldn't. That wasn't how the game was played. Diana's hands ran over his bare chest, brushing over his nipples. Longinus arched into her touch, but her hands flitted away. He wanted to curl his hands into her hair, but they'd long-since decided that he would not use his magic during their intimacies. He would not free himself. He was bound by more than the chain-he was bound by his word.

Diana's mouth fell to his skin, warm and wet against his stomach. She placed slow kisses there, moving lower with each kiss. Her unbound hair trailed along his skin in whispery kisses. Looking down at Diana, hot desire shot through Longinus, watching her dark head as she moved closer to the core of his desire. Her fingers fell to the laces of his trousers and he closed his eyes. Diana smiled mischievously, working the leather laces open. In his human form, Longinus was utterly male and she was drunk on the mere sight of him. When she finally freed him from his trousers, her hands ran over his hips, causing him to flinch. She placed another kiss on his hip, her tongue flicking out to taste him.

When Diana's mouth finally closed over his shaft, Longinus automatically arched up, sending his full length into her mouth and throat. But Diana pressed on his hips, forcing him down, withdrawing him from her mouth. Longinus groaned, his left hand absently clutching the corner of the pillow. He strained against the bond, but didn't break it.

Slowly, with aching deliberateness, Diana's mouth returned, taking the heated length back into her. She suckled him, her tongue twining around him like a snake as she gave him the deepest kiss he'd even known. Diana's hands slid beneath him, to cup his bottom as she drew him deeper into her mouth, wanting to know every inch of the heated length. One hand slowly slid from his bottom, coming to rest on Longinus's stomach and he flinched as though burned by her touch.

Diana allowed him to move against her now, his length sliding in and out of her warm mouth, her tongue running from base to tip and back again. Longinus's breath came out in a hard rush; humans were weak in some respects, but this physical form did have its advantages. When he found the body's release, he shuddered, emptying himself into Diana. When Diana lifted her head, she smiled, Longinus's eyes closed, his mouth partially open. She crawled up to him, and they slept.

Diana woke, feeling cold and immobile. Her eyes fluttered open and she found herself in her mud bath. Her head was cradled on a pillow, the underside now ruined in the mud. She scowled, but looked up and found Longinus at her side.

"Your turn," he murmured. Diana smiled slowly, wondering what he had in mind.

Longinus scooped up a handful of the mud. This was like no mud he had known; it was thick and almost creamy. It smelled like honey and Longinus wondered if Diana had had it specially blended. He took the handful of mud and ran it down her pale skin. From left shoulder to left thigh, he coated her in the mud, covering that pale skin with the rich colour of earth. Diana closed her eyes as Longinus turned her on her back. With skilled hands, he smeared mud over every inch of her. When he'd finished, he wiped a finger clean and began to draw circles around her right breast. Curling inward, the line looked like a snake working its way up a gentle mountain. Just before the peak, Longinus withdrew and Diana exhaled. He moved to the other breast, tracing an identical pattern, pausing before he touched the nipple. Diana moaned softly, but didn't open her eyes.

Longinus spread a generous coating of new mud over her stomach and down her thighs. Once done, he dragged his fingers through it, making line after line on her, marking her in an almost ritualistic manner, claiming her as his. His fingers slid over her inner thighs, making small whorls in the mud as he went. When he reached her feet, he could have sworn that Diana was purring.

As he came up her body, he skimmed the mud off. He smiled; now, her ivory body was covered with random streaks of mud, most of them thin enough to reveal her ivory skin beyond. He covered her body with his, his cock aching with the need for another release. Lying on her, wedged between her legs but not within her, he felt the creamy, slippery mud and shuddered. Longinus scooped up another handful of mud, smearing it over her chest. Diana turned and the palm of his hand rubbed against one nipple. Pebble-hard. Cool and hot in the same instant. Longinus's hand closed around the breast, pinching the nipple until Diana squirmed. Finally, her eyes flickered open and she looked at him. Her pupils were huge, making her eyes seem like wide pots of ink. Longinus smiled at her, kissing her mouth gently as his hand slid downward between them, silken with the mud.

"Don't close your eyes," he commanded.

Diana had never known a torture so sweet. She blinked, but didn't close her eyes. She didn't think she could close them if she wanted to. She was lost in Longinus's eyes and couldn't look away. As his hand slipped between her legs, Diana drew in a sharp breath. His fingers slid into her wet folds, parting them, seeking out the small pearl within. As he gently skimmed it, Diana arched into his touch. He began drawing circles again, close to the peak, but not touching it. Diana reached up and drew Longinus's mouth down to hers. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, mimicking the motions of his fingers. Longinus chuckled and Diana smiled, shifting so his cock lay hard and warm and muddy against her thigh. She moved again, reaching to take him with her other hand. Within the circle of her hand, he slipped with ease, groaning into her mouth, his hand frantic now against her.

Diana didn't know which sensation was better-the feel of his muddy fingers working her, or the feel of his muddy cock in her hand. She gave up trying to decide, letting the pleasure wrack her again and again. When Longinus came again, their eyes met, their mouths still mated. Diana felt herself drowning in the depths of his eyes, sucked down into something too powerful to fight. She let herself go into the depths, found herself enfolded and embraced in that power...sheltered in it as it twined and slithered into her very bones. She gasped, finally blinking as Longinus slowly moved away.

"Longinus," she murmured. He extended a hand to her, helping her from the mud. Diana stood on shaky legs, letting him pick her up and carry her to the shower. Marvelous invention, this, she thought as Longinus set her back on her feet. Diana wasn't quite sure how they'd rigged it to work, but the water fell in a gentle sheet from a rectangular slit in the wall.

Longinus opened the slit and the water began to pour out, collecting in the bottom of the shower before it slid away and back out the building through a small porcelain ravine. Diana moved into the water, shocked at the icy prick. No one had warmed the water for her this night. She shivered, but Longinus moved in behind her, his large body warm.

Longinus swept the mud from Diana's body, hands running down her arms, her back, her bottom. He bent, placing a gentle kiss between her shoulder blades as his hands encircled her, holding her breasts. Diana leaned into him, feeling the warm length of his hard cock along her bottom. She sighed, reaching back for him. She wanted to feel him inside of her...but Longinus moved away.

Their bodies clean of the mud, Longinus tugged Diana from the shower, closing the water slit. He smiled when he saw Diana's frown.

"You have little faith, my seleni," he murmured. The ancient Greek on Longinus's tongue made Diana shiver. "My moon," he called her. She gave him a slow smile, letting him lead her where he would.

He led her to the bath floor. Diana frowned as he gestured for her to lie on her stomach. She almost objected, but seeing the look in his eyes, decided it was best not to. She lay down, breasts pressing against the cool tiles. She shivered, nipples hardening instantly. Diana was astonished at the feeling. Wet skin, cold tiles...it was remarkable.

"Lay your forehead down on the tiles," Longinus said. Diana did as she was told. She touched her forehead to the tiles, feeling the tension leave her shoulders. She stretched her arms above her head, fingers resting against the cool tiles. Diana didn't know how long she lay there before she felt Longinus touch her. He kissed her left shoulder blade and then her right before trailing a path of kisses straight down her spine. Diana smiled as shivers ripped through her. That was when she felt the oil.

Longinus poured the oil over her bottom, letting it slide into the cleft of her skin in its own time. Small rivers of oil ran along the small of her back, pooling there. He dipped his fingers into the small pool and began to draw on her again. Small circles, over her skin and over again until he was certain she purred again. Longinus smiled, moving to the oil that covered her bottom. More circles to be drawn.

Diana chewed at her lower lip, trying to back into Longinus's touch. His fingers skipped away when she tried, so she ceased with a soft sigh, giving herself up to his less than hasty pace.

Longinus's fingers slid into the cleft of flesh, pouring more oil over her. Diana groaned as the oil trickled forward along her nether lips. Longinus smiled, pouring oil over his left hand. Setting the oil decanter aside, he began to massage the gently creased flesh of Diana's ass. Carefully, he slid one finger into her, slowly. Diana moaned, not moving- afraid he would move away if she did. When he withdrew the finger, Diana sighed. She was rewarded with two fingers the next time, slow and sure, coated in oil, moving in and out of her with ease.

Longinus withdrew the fingers, reaching for the oil again. He coated the fingers of his right hand, letting them slide into the wet folds of her femininity. Diana arched against him as his thumb slid over her clit. Her motions frantic, Longinus withdrew, chuckling when Diana spit a curse at him. Longinus rose to his knees, pouring oil over his painfully hard cock. He groaned as the oil slid over him, and literally sliding closer to Diana on the oily floor, Longinus grabbed her hips and buried himself to the hilt within her warm sheath.

The breath went out of Diana and she smiled as Longinus moved within her. She wanted to push herself up on her elbows, but she lay there limp as Longinus pounded her with a rhythm that matched the ocean waves outside the window. His hands moved restlessly over her back as he slammed into her, slippery with oil, sliding around to lift her from the tiles. His hands cupped her breasts, coating them with oil as well. When Longinus grabbed her hair and turned her mouth to him, Diana groaned into his mouth, tongue frantic against his.

When Longinus released her, Diana slid back to the tiles. As more oil rained down on her, Longinus withdrew and changed his attack plan. This time, he slipped his oiled cock into her ass. Diana cried out, an orgasm ripping through her as Longinus's hands slid around her hips and worked her clit. Brightness ripped across her vision, stunning and sharp.

Buried inside her, Longinus decided that he would stay alive for as long as Diana would have him. She made this mortal form too pleasurable and he would not abandon himself to the fates before he'd had more than his fill of this delight. As he found his release again, he shouted Diana's name to the stars, mindless as a spell to bind her to his side came out in a rush. A sudden wind swept through the room, slamming the shutters against the walls. Diana jerked in surprise, feeling herself being pulled back into the black pool.

"Longinus," she murmured, uncertain. He stilled, cock still buried inside of her. He reached for her, drawing her up slowly so he could stay inside. He whispered the ancient words into her ear and the wind swirled around them in a fury. Diana clutched at Longinus's arms as the wind howled. Her hair swirled around her, catching on her oily skin to lay in thin black lines. She blinked long and swallowed hard as Longinus began to move inside of her again.

The words fled Diana's mind as Longinus moved again. She reached for the oil... It would be a long night and presently, this was the only scheming she was interested in. Whatever Longinus had done could wait.