The Religio of the Romans

(L. ligare = 'to bind')

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Pietas -- Respect for eternal values, the will of the gods, and their expression as objective 'right' in the practical things of human life.
Humanitas -- Respect for human personality and humanrelationships, whether in the family, the state, of a circle of friends.
Libertas -- A regard for the personality of each individual in the formation of and the maintenance of his freedom.
Mores -- Respect for tradition that holds fast to what has been handed down, for it contains accumulated wisdom which no one moment and no one man can supply.
Auctoritas -- Respect for authority, not as obedience to superior power, but as regard for the judgement of men whose experience knowledge deserve respect.
Fides -- Respect for the pledged word and the expressed intention.
Disciplina -- Respect for training which instills the above values.
Severitas -- The Training of the home, of public life, of life itself, and the training which comes from the self.
Gravitas -- Training (severitas) which creates a responsible cast of mind which assigns importance to important things.
Constantia -- "...once the hand is placed to the plow, a man does not look back and falter, but keeps his purpose."
Frugalitas -- Simple tastes.

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Related Terms:

Genius -- Deity of generation and birth; head of the family
Senatus -- body of older, wise advisors.
Pontifix -- Priest (ponte='brige'). One who takes charge of accumulated lore, keeps records of feasts and of important events having religious significance to the state.

NOTE: I got this information from my AP Humanities teacher. I have no idea where she got it from.

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