Apollo and Daphne

Nicholas Poussin--'Apollo and Daphne'

One rather uneventful day on Mount Olympus Apollo decided to go out for a walk. He had not been gone long when he spied a beautiful nymph, and decided to go after her. Seeing the god, the nymph, who's name was Daphne, ran. Apollo pursued her. Knowing she could not hope to out-run him forever, Daphne called out to her father, the river god Peneus, for help. Just as Apollo was reaching for Daphne her feet became roots, her body a trunk, and her hands and head branches covered with leaves. She had become a laurel tree. In longing for his lost love Apollo cut some of the leaves off the tree and fashoned a crown from them. From that day forth the laurel tree wass sacred to Apollo, and a laurel wreath was given out as the highest prize at competitions all over Greece.

The painting is "Apollo and Daphne" by Nicholas Poussin. More information on Nicholas Poussin can be found in the Senior Humanities section.
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