Listen to Love

Dexicreon was a merchant not unlike the others from Samos: he had his own boat and a loyal crew, and he payed homage to the gods whenever it was required. While in port of Cyprus he decided to visit Aphrodite's shrine and leave a token for the goddess. While there, Aphrodite spoke through her priestess and told Dexicreon to buy enough jars of water to fill up his boat before he left port. Thinking the gods must be playing a trick on him, but not having any other cargo to pick up at this stop he did as the priestess suggested and left port with a boat loaded with jars of water.

The crew was not thrilled with the cargo. Water, after all, was quite plentiful on the mainland, and that much wasn't all that useful to a such a small crew sailing on the Mediterranean. Before they had gotten more than a few days away from Cyprus when the winds died and the sea became calm. The other ships in the area had not been given warning by the gods, and Dexicreon was able to sell his cargo to the other stranded ships. He returned home to Samos a very rich man.

Wisely Dexicreon did not forget about Aphrodite: he had a statue made of the goddess and dedicated it to her at her temple in Samos.

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