The Tragedy of Echo

Version #1:

Echo was a tree nymph who fell madly in love with a young man named Narcisssus. Now, Narcissus was only interested in watching his reflection in the water, so he took no notice of the nymph's attention. Echo would not give up, however, and stayed by Narcissus' side night and day. Eventually she died, still pining for her unrequited love. The gods felt sorry for her and turned her into a rock still capeable of speech. Narcissus, for his self-centeredness, was changed into a flower

Version #2:

Echo was a vain tree nymph who always talked poorly of others, and would never stop talking long enough to hear what others had to say. The Gods got upset with her constant babbling, and made it so she could only repeat the last syllables of what ever someone else had just said. She was dmad by what haad happened, and roamed the earth until she eventually died in a cave. To this day Echo's voice can still be heard in caves, repeating the last syllables of someone's speech.

Version #3:

Echo was a beautiful young nymph with whom the god Pan fell madly in love with. He pursued her, and she ran away, horrified by his looks. At first the other gods were amused with this little game, but they soon grew tired of it. When Pan finally gave up, the Gods sent a pack of dogs after her. When they caught her, they tore her to pieces. Not your typical happy fairy tale, is it?

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