Greek Mythology Haiku

These are just some poems that Clio wrote while suffering through a Microsoft training video (she didn't need to have some one take 30 minutes to show her how to make text bold). Do you have some to contribute? Send them to Clio:

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Poor Oedupus Rex!
Married your ma, killed your pa
You can't escape fate!

Athena be praised!
Grey-eyed lady of Athens
Goddess of wisdom

Zeus the Mighty one.
Lord of Lighting and the skies.
King of the Greek Gods.

Most beautiful god,
Apollo the golden one.
Lord of many things.

Twin of Apollo
The moon goddess Artemis
A virgin huntress

Hera, queen goddess
Protectress of all women
She's angry at Zeus

Great god of the forge
The metalsmith Hephaestus
Lame from the long fall

Sister of Zeus the
Harvest goddess Demeter
Persephone's mom

Great Lord of the Dead
Hades: "hospitable one"
Dark and gloomy god

Bright Persephone!
Daughter of Demeter poor
Young wife of Hades

Humble Hestia
Eldest of Olympians
Virgin hearth goddess

God Dionysus
Deity of wine and vines
Your mom was mortal

Great goddess of Love
Beautiful Aphrodite
You won the apple

The trickster god Hermes
God of travellers and thieves
You made the lyre

Mighty and moody
Poseidon: lord of the seas
Carries the trident

Draped in lion's skin
Herakles, son of Zeus
Strongest of Mortals

Dark and beautiful,
Xena: Warrior Princess
Ride on with Gabby
(Sorry, I just couldn't resist! ;-P)

Ominous black bird
Messenger of Apollo
Some call you raven

Mighty Olympus!
Tall mountain, shrouded in clouds
The home of the gods

Tell me the future
Glorious God Apollo
Bathe me in truth's rays

Oh King of the Gods
Great Zeus, the Aegis holder
I give praise to thee.

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