Niobe's Children

Niobe was a queen of Thebes. By her husband, Amphion, she had seven sons and seven daughters. These children grew up, and became beautiful young men and women. Now, Niobe was the daughter of Tantalus, and, like her father, was not one to pay the gods the respect that they deserved. She boasted that she was better than the goddess Leto, for Leto only had one son and one daughter (Apollo and Artemis), and Niobe had seven of each. Hearing this, and angered by her blatent display of hubris against their mother Leto, Apollo and Artemis proceeded to kill all of Niobe's children: Apollo the boys and Artemis the girls. Niobe was horrified at what had happened and ran away to Mount Sipylis where she cried so hard that the gods turned her into a rock that, to this day, leaks water. Only one of Niobe's children escaped the wrath of the gods: Chloris, who would later marry Neleus. The other children remained unburried for ten days, until Apollo and Artemis, unable to stand the sight any more, burried their victims.

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