How Isis Became a Goddess

Before she was a goddess, Isis lived on earth. She was a very powerful woman, and could control many things, including men. This was good for her for a while, but soon she got bored with living among mortal men, and wished to gain more power. Ra was the supreme god of all, and he was old, and thus drooled a lot. Isis came upon one such pile of Ra-drool, and devised a plan. She mixed the spittle with some dirt and fashoned the mixture into the form of a fanged serpent. Over this she said some magic words, and the serpent came to life. She left the serpent on one of Ra's paths, and before long the great god walked along the path and was struck by the serpent. He became sick almost immediately, and called out for all of the other gods to come and help him. None of them could, so they summoned Isis, for she was known to the gods as well as men. She played innocent, and Ra begged for her to help him. She said that she could, but he must tell her his secret name (it was the only thing that could help him). Now, to do this would be to give up a part of himself, and Ra didn't want to do this. He told her all of his names, all except his secret one, hidden in himself at his birth. She was not decieved by his trickery. By this time Ra was in terrible pain. He finally decided that she could search him to find his name so she could use it to make him well. Ra and Isis went off together. Isis looked and finally found Ra's secret name hidden in his heart. She now had the power of Ra, and she used it to cure the Great Sun God. Ra was greatful to be well, and Isis was now a goddess. To this day Ra is still afraid of snakes and reptiles, and avoids them when he can.

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