Sekhmet's Flood

In the early days of Egypt Ra reigned as supreme among the gods. The serpent god Apep, god of the darkness and night, fought daily with Ra for control of the earth. He was not so benevolent as Ra, and was thus feared by many of the people living in Egypt. As Ra became older though, he soon lost followers to his enemy. Angered by their lack of faith, Ra sent down Hathor down in the form of his eye to punnish those who decided to follow Apep. This newly-formed goddess was called Sekhmet, the bloody, for she delighted in the sight of blood. Sekhmet burned crops, topled building, and killed every human that she laid eyes on. At first Ra was pleased--the followers of Apep were soon to be no more. After a while though, he began to grow worried, for Sekhmet was determined to kill everyone--Ra's loyal followers included. He begged Sekhmet to stop her rampage of the earth, but so caught up in her bloody campaign was she that she could not hear Ra's command. All was not lost, however, for Ra's priests had come up with a plan. With Ra's help they dyed the sacrimental wine red and covered the earth with it. Thinking it was blood Sekhmet drank it, and soon became drunk. She then lost all interest in killing and promptly fell asleep.

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