You decide that hunting and snaring is best left to Iolaus. He is the better hunter, after all. You go off to gather firewood, finding more than enough for your needs. Once you get back to camp you find that Iolaus is not back yet. It's not to terribly surprising, since hunting might take a while, and you go about setting up camp: making a fire pit, setting up the bed rolls, and getting out the fishing rods. Iolaus still isn't back, so you bait his pole as well as your own and set them in the water. Soon you've caught a few fish, and decide to head back to camp with your prizes. You reset the poles, securing them with rocks and head back to camp. Iolaus isn't there, and as it's getting dark, you are a tad concerned. He should have been back by now. You start the fire using your gauntlets and set the fish up to cook. Iolaus still isn't back. You could wait a little longer, or you could go off in search of him.
A -- I'll just wait. I'm getting hungry, and he'll probably be back any minute now.
B -- I want to look for Iolaus. He might need my help!

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